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1 min readMar 2, 2022


Free XRPL tokens on www.earnx.eu

Whether you’re running a side hustle or just wanting to make a little extra money each month, passive income can be a fantastic strategy to help you earn extra cash flow. Passive income can help you earn more during the good times and tide you over if you are unexpectedly thrown off or deliberately take time off work.

You can have money flowing in while working your primary job, or you can relax a little if you’ve built up a steady source of passive income. In either case, a passive income provides you with additional security.

At EarnX we will give you passive income for just logging in. This requires a few things:

A. XRP wallet using Xumm (https://xumm.app/)
B. Connect your XUMM with Tipbot Tips (https://tipbot.tips/)
C. Create an account on our website https://earnx.eu/register.aspx
CA. Verify the e-mail and login;
CB. Head to your profile -> Payment settings -> Fill in your Twitter accountname
D. Login every 48 hours to be enabled to earn free Cryptocurrency XRPL tokens.

Currently including the following XRPL tokens to earn passivly:

Xoge (https://www.xogehome.com/)
VGB (https://vagabondapp.io/)
ELS (https://www.elysian-athena.com/)
XRP (https://ripple.com/)
SOLO (https://www.sologenic.com/)
Éditions (https://www.editions.earth/)



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