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4 min readJul 15, 2022


Don’t miss out on this amazing offer. It’s free, and you’ll get free Bitcoin Satoshi whilist trying to get that Lambo or Rolex! It won’t cost you anything but a few minutes a day! Make sure to join as my referral to be in my 99% referral share [see the 4th item in the list for more information].

Join this provably fair free bitcoin faucet and win yourself a lambo!

Wheel of Fortune spins

These can award you with free rewards up to Lamborghini lottery tickets! Along side that spin for a free rolex, free iPhone or even additional RP to make additional spins. If you’re not that lucky you’ll also spin to win 50–100 bitcoin satoshi. Which is equal to 5–10 times Faucet claiming.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune for a Lamborghini, Rolex, Iphone, Bitcoin or additional RP
Win exciting prizes on every free WOP spin

Free bitcoin faucet claiming

Each hour you’re able to claim a faucet on The faucet at current rate will award you with a minimum of 10 bitcoin satoshi, 2 RP and lottery tickets. More indepth review below

  • The faucet will get you atleast free 10 Bitcoin satoshi every 60 minutes. Find the faucet on the “free BTC” page. The faucet maximum when rolling a 10,000 is a reward of 0.00964694 BTC!
Click on the “FREE BTC” to start claiming free bitcoin satoshi

Scroll down the page and find the captcha. Solve the captcha:

Solve the “I am a human hCaptcha”

Next up press Roll!

Roll for free Bitcoin Satoshi


Below you’ll see I should roll 9886 or higher to get some better rewards. It’s just a matter of time for hitting some more bitcoin satoshi!

Current Satoshi rewards — Free chance on big amount of free BTC
  • 2 RP rewards these reward points are used to get the free WOF spins. These WOF, also known as Wheel of Fortune spins award atleast 50 bitcoin satoshi. But have a chance to reward you with additional amazing prices. Like Lamborghini tickets, iphone, rolex etcetera. They can also reward back the RP. And you can try again next day.

Head over to “more” and click “rewards”

How to get a free WOF spin

Next look for a button that says “Exchange RP for WOF

Click on the button on “Exchange RP for WOF”

Exchange 50 RP for a WOF ticket and try your luck!

  • Lottery Tickets (non- Lamborghini tickets) can reward you with a bunch of Bitcoin satoshi for free also. Tickets are automatically obtained when you roll the faucet. Along side that you can also play “Multiply BTC” but I would discourage gambling. Don’t try to “quick” way and force your win. As chanced remain slim.
Free bitcoin lottery tickets and win a chance on some nice rewards!

Referral sharing

Enjoy my 99% referral sharing, by just being active! Simply claim the faucet atleast one a day and get rewarded from my daily referral earnings.
Make sure to join as my referral to not miss out on the bonus:

Become my referral and be active to get automatically rewarded Free Bitcoin satoshi each week!
99% referral sharing to give back to my wonderful community!

Additional free WOF spins

If you hold atleast 2500 FUN tokens.

  • You won’t have to solve a captcha for claiming the faucet;
  • You’ll get upto 4 FREE WOF spins daily (depending on FUN you can also get 16 free WOF spins each day);
  • Get 0.02% cashback on all your wagers.


Head to the premium section and purchase 2500 fun tokens.

Head to the Premium section

Next hit Deposit/withdraw or buy/sell + lock. Depends on if you’ve got enough bitcoin available to purchase the fun tokens.

Buy / Sell + Lock to increase your chances for the Lambo, Rolex, iPhone!



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