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1 min readNov 24, 2021

What is the aim of something like the Matic Faucet?
Matic is the currency used on the Polygon network to conduct transactions. Each transaction has a minor fee associated with it. And the fee is paid in Matic tokens in the form of gas. You cannot send any transactions if you do not have any Matic in your wallet!

That’s why we created our faucet. Not to make money, but to acquire enough Matic to conduct transactions on Polygon! Enjoy!

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What exactly is Polygon?

What exactly is Polygon (formerly known as Matic)?
Polygon is an Ethereum-based layer2 scaling solution with strong throughput. It’s built to handle real-world use situations with unparalleled scalability, with a single chain capable of 7000TPS (transactions per second). Ethereum, on the other hand, can process 15TPS.



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