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You can generate money by taking online surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and even signing up. But there’s a catch… None of them allow you to earn as much money as sites that pay you to complete offers do.

Why? Because there is no such thing as a limit.

New offers are given on a regular basis. There is no need for qualification with get paid to websites (commonly known as GPT). You’re always qualified for whatever you’re doing.

Why do they pay: These websites that pay you to complete offers provide a wider exposure for brands.Whenever you sign up for a service or see an advertisement, you are showcasing a brand.

Free Paid Offers vs Non-free Paid Offers

So, there really are two major types of offers in which you can take part:
A. Offers that are free and paid.
B. Sponsored offers that aren’t free.
The difference between the two is actually quite clear. If you wish to make money online without investing, option A is always the way to go forward!

As earlier said, we recommend sticking to free offers. However, these types of deals are best used when you were planning on purchasing a product or service anyhow.

Top 3 sites that pay you to do offers

At least several of the following conditions may be found on all these websites:

  • It really is simple to use;
  • The ease with where you can meet minimum cash out requirements;
  • On the web, it has a lot of positive comments;
  • Have a wide range of options to choose from.


EarnX is one of the top survey sites nowadays.
You can earn money by completing offers on this website, such as:

  • Forms to be completed out;
  • Products to be tested;
  • Internet research;
  • Watching ads;
  • Watch video;

In addition, other responsibilities must be completed.
EarnX is fantastic because of the large amount of deals given.
According to Qt, the site includes offers for well over $3,000 accessible.

The payout here on website range from .50 to 50.00 euro respectively

Alongside this the large majority of them are completely free!

An offer is added to your pending offers page once you’ve completed it.After that, the website validates and accepts it. The money are then transferred to your earning.

The minimum monthly payment is 2,- , that is a really low amount in the market. You will also receive EarnX tokens in addition to cash. These can be exchanged to Euro in the transfer section of the website.

In additional, if you recommend a friend, you can earn 20% of their earnings. And get 10% for each friend, your friend refers and so on!

2. Treasuretrooper

Treasure Trooper is one of the top survey sites around.
You can earn profits by completing offers on this website, such as:

A. Filling out documents
B. Examining products
C. Do searches for eggs to hatch for a bonus dragon

In additional to accomplishing other duties.
The variety of offerings offered in Treasure Trooper is outstanding.

In additional to cash, you will receive gold coins. Those could be traded for things at the Trading Hut. You can also get paid to take surveys on this site. You can take up to 8 each and every day, with each one paying $1.

3. SwagBucks

We talk about SB since it’s a well-established, reputable website with a ton of ways of making money. You could use this website to submit offers for stuff like:

  • Updating programs;
  • I’m interested for booking tickets;
  • Adhering to programs.

There are a plethora of freebies accessible. In exchange, you receive Swag Bucks, which are points. These points can be used for rewards such as gift cards and PayPal payments. Each prize necessitates a specific quantity of points. At the time of writing, below are a few samples of what you may obtain with your points:

  • $5 for 500 SB
  • $25 for 2500 SB
  • Burger King 400 SB via PayPal
  • $5 Gift Certificate

Swagbucks also compensates you for taking surveys, watching movies, and do shopping.



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